Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This might be a keeper

Okay, this is a quick post so I can get back to work making jewelry. Usually I make a piece (of jewelry, art, whatever) thinking it's a great idea and then once it's finished... I hate it. I think, "Ugh! What was I thinking? This is crap." But I think I really like this piece. I'm posting a quick picture I took with my phone even though the shadows are a little out of control.
Tell me what you think.
The large focal bead is carved bone on an aged brass chain. The other beads are wood cylinders, crazy lace agate rondelles, aquamarine rondelles, and violet and gold glass beads.
And, of course, a couple pictures of my little dog. The light is bad at night in my living room but she's just so cute! I bought this little shirt for her on clearance to make the boy happy and I totally expected her to go crazy and promptly tear it to shreds, but once we got it on her she just pranced around and went about her business chewing on every item in the living room.
And a black and white portrait once she tired herself out. I know she'll be small for such a short time, I feel like I need to record as much as possible. She's growing so fast- in the ten days between vet visits she gained 4 pounds! 9 and 1/2 weeks old and she's 14 pounds. Big puppy.

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