Friday, August 1, 2008

Fruits of my labor

It's a little late, but as promised I am reluctantly posting photos of some of the jewelry I've been working on. I was talking to my friend, Cristalynn (I call her Crissy, cuz we go waaay back and I'm allowed) last night and we spoke of our struggles with our art/design/projects. I was telling her how I had been excited about the jewelry I was working on, but after days of making and photographing, I'm sick of looking at the stuff and I think its all crap. She related to this phenomena, as I think many artists can. After being so close to something and staring at it for so long it just wears on you. So we'll see.

These are made with pink and turquoise glass beads.

I like the simplicity of a single faceted Amazonite that anchors the silver chain.
I really like this necklace with a simple tee or dress.
I also found a couple more photos from the wedding that actually have the bride in them. In case you were wondering, I did make the necklace I'm wearing. I love it!
Ahhh, love. It's a beautiful thing.